[Post] IoT for battery continuous monitoring

[Post] IoT for battery continuous monitoring

May 26, 2016. | By: José González

What is the continuous battery monitoring?

Continuous monitoring of industrial batteries allows taking into account all critical parameters, which provides a better estimate of the health status of the batteries.

What are the advantages of this continuous battery monitoring?

  • Reduce costs of inspection: Reduces the cost of inspection in both small facilities in remote locations and large energy storage centers.

  • Performance-based replacements: Replacement batteries can be planned based on their performance, not on a schedule, allowing significant cost reductions.

  • Eliminates human error: Continuous monitoring eliminates human error of measurement, especially related to the impedance.

Why is it so important to continuously monitor the batteries?

  • Approximately 3% of the batteries fail during the warranty period. With continuous monitoring you avoid failure.

  • The reduction of 20% of storage capacity of a battery is a high risk of failure and should be replaced immediately.

  • The temperature increase in 18ºC reduces battery life by 50%. With continuous monitoring you can have peace of mind.

  • 85% of UPS catastrophic failures are caused by defective batteries. Continuous monitoring and surprises will save a lot of money.

What is the IoT technology value added?

The technology of the internet of things is to collect information from the batteries through various sensors. For one current, voltage, ambient temperature and humidity it is measured by a sensor of battery banks, and on the other hand the voltage, impedance and individual temperature of each battery cell with the battery sensor is measured.

The sensors are connected to a Smart Hub that provides real-time information and time series either locally through its own wireless network and service in the cloud that enables better analytics.



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