Solar Container

Pre-wired and mounted solar container. It is only needed to place the structure outside of the container and install the solar panels. Custom configuration can be done. For example, if you don't need sales room or if you need more generation power or backup energy. We also could use lithium technology for storage energy.

Solar Container

10Kw/72kWh Solar Container includes

1 x 20' Shipping Container

30 x Solar Panels - RSP72-330P (330Wp polycrystalline) - 10kW

1 x Mounting Structure Ground mount

24 x Batteries - RKG2-1500 (2V 1500Ah Deep cycle gel) - 72kWh

2 x Battery racks

1 x Inverter - RI-6K-LF (48V 6kW)

3 x Charge controller - RSC1248-80 (48V 80A)

1 x Air Conditioner Unit (3000BTU)

1 x PV Combiner box (15 input / 3 output)

1 x DC Distribution box (4 input / 4 output)

1 x AC Distribution box (1 input / 4 output)

2 x USB Charging station for 22 mobile phones

Wiring and accessories (everything pre-wired)

10Kw/72kWh Solar Container