Continuous monitoring

All critical parameters are continuously monitored, which provides a better estimate of the health of the batteries.

Reduce inspection costs

Reduce inspection costs, both in small installations in remote locations, as well as in large energy storage centers.

Performance-based replacements

Battery replacement can be scheduled based on performance, not on a schedule, allowing significant cost reductions.

Eliminate human errors

Continuous monitoring eliminates human measurement errors, especially related to impedance.

Monitoring smart

All critical parameters are continuously monitored, both at the bank level and by each individual cell, which provides a better estimate of the health of the batteries, cost savings, performance-based replacements, elimination of human errors .


Products innovators

Whitewall Energy Smart Hub

The Whitewall Energy Smart Hub is the heart of the energy management system. It allows data to be collected from multiple sensors using the most common protocols in the industry and sends it to the cloud platform for a smart energy management.

Whitewall Energy Battery Bank

Whitewall Energy's battery bank sensor measures current, voltage, temperature and humidity. Designed with Hall-Effect technology as an alternative to shunt use.

Whitewall Energy Cell Sensors

Whitewall Energy's battery cell sensor measures voltage, internal resistance (impedance) and cell temperature. Designed for continuous monitoring.

Whitewall Energy Cloud

The cloud platform (Whitewall Energy Cloud Platform) adds functionalities such as more detailed history, user permissions, different views and configurations ...


Technology for the Industry

Renewable energy

UPS centers/UPSs

Data Centers

Telecommunications Towers

Electrical substations

Public Service Companies

Fire and security systems

Remote Monitoring Systems


Reasons for Continuous Battery Monitoring


Approximately 3% of batteries will fail during their warranty period. Continuous monitoring will help you anticipate.


Reducing the storage capacity of a battery by 20% poses a high risk of failure and should be replaced immediately.


Increasing the temperature by 18ºC reduces battery life by 50%. With continuous monitoring you will have peace of mind.


85% of catastrophic UPS failures are caused by bad batteries. Continuous monitoring will save you surprises and a lot of money.