Solar Water Pumping

Solar pumping design and installation solution with which you can irrigate any type of crop: olive trees, almond trees, cereals ... Solar pumping is also highly indicated for supplying water in rural areas, swimming pools and other uses.

Solar Water Pumping

Advantages of solar pumping.

If you are connected to the electricity grid

You will never see an electricity bill again.

You'll even forget what an invoice is.

The price of energy on your bill increases year by year, but with a solar pumping system you will have the certainty that your energy will always be the cheapest .

The investment will be profitable for your solar irrigation, with investment returns of between 3 and 5 years .

If you are not connected to the electricity grid

You will save the great investment of connecting to the electricity grid.

We design your system so that it is not connected to the electricity grid. In this way:
* there is no need to legalize the system or notify the electricity distributor.
* you will avoid paying any Present or future tax for the power generation of your installation.
* Your solar pumping system will be yours alone.

Long useful life and minimum maintenance

Solar pumping is very profitable due to the rapid amortization of costs and the long useful life of its components (for example 25 years of the panels).

You will have an even more responsible, efficient crop and with peace of mind in the supply

Responsible consumption: by self-producing the necessary electricity for your agricultural irrigation.
Energy efficiency: It is estimated that 10% of the total electrical energy is lost during transport and distribution, with an annual cost of around 2 billion euros for the system.

You will act against climate change

Reduce the CO2 footprint to help avoid the greenhouse effect and reinforce the commitment to the ecosystem, helping to evolve towards a 100% energy system renewable .

Advantages of

Our proposal.

Previous study of the installation.

Visit the facility without obligation.

Feasibility study delivery.

We handle the grant processing.

I design the installation to measure optimized to the irrigation needs of your crop.

Installation and commissioning.

You will have access to the Whitewall Energy monitoring and energy management platform where you can see the status of the system, pressure, flow, stop / start of the pump ...

Complete after-sales service covering maintenance, web service, telephone assistance, advice ...


Monitor and manage the irrigation of your crop from the mobile

You will have in the palm of your hand all the relevant information about your solar irrigation system: system status, pump status, flow, pressure, service time ...

You can also establish personalized irrigation programs, stop / start ...

Monitor and manage


Solar panels generate clean and free energy that drives an irrigation pump that allows watering large areas of crops.

Solar pumping can take place in two ways, direct or conventional. The conventional one is made up of panels, regulator, batteries, inverter ( if it is AC) and the pump, while direct pumping eliminates the regulator and batteries, replacing the inverter with a cheaper one. This reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. Direct pumping only allows pumping during the day.

In this case, it would be necessary to install batteries or build a reservoir to accumulate the energy produced during the day.

Performance will be 20% lower, however, support reservoirs can be built.

The necessary surface depends on the power of the system to be installed. Normally space is not a limitation.

The photovoltaic system is designed so that it has enough power to move the pump required for agricultural irrigation, without limitations.

The energy produced and consumed is completely free. The cost of the solar pumping installation pays for itself in 3-5 years due to the possibility of designing a system without batteries or with an auxiliary reservoir, which reduces the cost of the equipment.