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Whitewall Energy faces the new year with great challenges to overcome and with the certainty that the only way to do so is through innovation. Our Internet of Things project will be released this year bringing great benefits to monitoring and smart energy management. Shall we walk together?

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[Infographic] Adventages of hall effect against shunt resistor in monitoring systems

This infographic explains the types of technologies used in some battery monitoring devices. This is a comparison between Hall effect sensors against Shunt.



[Infographic] Quotation Tool: How to get your budget in 5 easy steps

This infographic explains how to use the quotation tool in order to get your budget in 5 easy steps.


[Infographic] First universal climate agreement. Keys and Weaknesses

This infographic explains the keys and the weaknesses of the first universal climate agreement reached at the Paris Climate Change Conference.

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Sand Batteries For Solar Energy Storage

Sand Batteries For Solar Energy Storage

December 30, 2015
Researchers from Masdar Institute have successfully demonstrated that desert sand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could be utilised as an alternative to molten salts for concentrated solar power (CSP) thermal energy storage. Using the sand could be a cheaper and more sustainable approach for CSP facilities in the UAE. Instead of importing salts from elsewhere; developers could just use the plentiful materials around the facilities.
Africa Renewable Energy Initiative to build 10,000 MW of renewables in Africa by 2020

Africa Renewable Energy Initiative to build 10,000 MW of renewables in Africa by 2020

December 30, 2015
The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) aims at enabling the installation of large-scale renewable energy capacity on the African continent by 2020. The African-led plan has just received a big boost with over $10 billion worth of financial backing from various members of the international community at COP21 in Paris. Most of the $10 billion came from the European Union, Sweden and the G7 countries. In particular, Germany will contribute $3.25 billion, France $2.2 billion, Sweden $500 million and Canada $110 million. This will help provide clean power to millions across the continent.

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[Curiosities] Solar Power to Light Up Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

[Curiosities] Solar Power to Light Up Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

The Azraq refugee camp is located on a bleak stretch of desert in northern Jordan, there is currently no electricity there. Donations have allowed the United Nations to provide families with small solar-powered lanterns, but they’re hardly enough to live by. The lack of electricity makes it hard for children to learn and for families to cook, and it puts camp residents, especially women, in danger.

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International Day of Non-Violence

From 1964 to commemorate the death of Gandhi, is celebrated on January 30 the School Day of Non-violence and Peace, recognized by UNESCO in 1993. On this date, the need of education for tolerance, solidarity, respect for human rights, non-violence and peace is remembered.

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