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Find support for any of the products we manufacture: solar panels, inverters, solar controllers, batteries, street lights, and much more

AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC6-200G (6V 200AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC6-235 (6V 235AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC6-300 AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-65 (12V 65AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-80 (12V 80AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-100 (12V 100AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-134 (12V 134AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-150 (12V 150AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-170-FT AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-180-FT (12V180AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-200 (12V 200AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-200-FT (12V200AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-250 (12V 250AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC12-260 (12V 260AH) AGM RKE2-200 (2V 200AH) AGM RKE2-600 (2V 600AH) AGM DEEP CYCLE RKC2-800 (2V 800AH) AGM RKE6-1.2 (6V 1.2AH) AGM RKE6-200 (6V 200AH) AGM RKE12-1.2 (12V 1.2AH) AGM RKE12-1.3 (12V 1.3AH) AGM RKE12-2.3 (12V 2.3AH) AGM RKE12-2.6 (12V 2.6AH) AGM RKE12-4 (12V 4AH) AGM RKE12-4SE (12V 4AH) AGM RKE12-4.5 (12V 4.5AH) AGM RKE12-5 (12V 5AH) AGM RKE12-7 (12V 7AH) AGM RKE12-7SE (12V 7AH) AGM RKE12-7.2 (12V 7.2AH) AGM RKE12-9 (12V 9AH) AGM RKE12-12 (12V 12AH) AGM RKE12-18 (12V 18AH) AGM RKE12-24 (12V 24AH) AGM RKE12-26 (12V 26AH) AGM RKE12-28 (12V 28AH) AGM RKE12-33 (12V 33AH) AGM RKE12-36 (12V 36AH) AGM RKE12-38 (12V 38AH) AGM RKE12-40 (12V 40AH) AGM RKE12-50 (12V 50AH) AGM RKE12-65 (12V 65AH) AGM RKE12-75 (12V 75AH) AGM RKE12-80 (12V 80AH) AGM RKE12-90 (12V 90AH) AGM RKE12-100 (12V 100AH) AGM RKE12-150 (12V 150AH) AGM RKE12-200 (12V 200AH) AGM RKE12-250 (12V 250AH) NiCd RKF1.2-10 (1.2V 10AH) NiCd RKF1.2-22 (1.2V 22AH) NiCd RKF1.2-40 (1.2V 40AH) NiCd RKF1.2-120 (1.2V 120AH) NiCd RKF12-300 (12V 300AH) NiCd RKF12-400 (12V 400AH) NiCd RKF12-700 (12V 700AH) GEL RKG2-200 (2V 200AH) GEL RKG2-400 (2V 400AH) GEL RKG2-600 (2V 600AH) GEL RKG2-800 (2V 800AH) GEL RKG2-1000 (2V 1000AH) GEL RKG2-1500 (2V 1500AH) GEL RKG2-2500 (2V 2500AH) GEL RKG6-200 (6V 200AH) GEL RKG12-40 (12V 40AH) GEL RKG12-55 (12V 55AH) GEL RKG12-80 (12V 80AH) GEL RKG12-90 (12V 90AH) GEL RKG12-100 (12V 100AH) GEL RKG12-120 (12V 120AH) GEL RKG12-150 (12V 150AH) GEL RKG12-180-FT (12V180AH) GEL RKG12-200 (12V 200AH) GEL RKG12-225 (12V 225AH) GEL RKG12-250 (12V 250AH) GEL RKG12-260 (12V 260AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-10 (12.8V 10AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-12 (12.8V 12AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-18 (12.8V 18AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-20 (12.8V 20AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-26 (12.8V 26AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-33 (12.8V 33AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-40 (12.8V 40AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-55 (12.8V 55AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-65 (12.8V 65AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-100 (12.8V 100AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-150 (12.8V 150AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-165 (12.8V 165AH) LiFePO4 RKL12-200 (12.8V 200AH) LiFePO4 RKL24-40 (24V 40AH) LiFePO4 RKL48-620 (48V 620AH) OPZS RKS2-100 (2V 100AH) OPZS RKS2-150 (2V 150AH) OPZS RKS2-200 (2V 200AH) OPZS RKS2-300 (2V 300AH) OPZS RKS2-350 (2V 350AH) OPZS RKS2-420 (2V 420AH) OPZS RKS2-600 (2V 600AH) OPZS RKS2-800 (2V 800AH) OPZS RKS2-1200 (2V 1200AH) OPZS RKS2-1500 (2V 1500AH) OPZS RKS2-2000 (2V 2000AH) OPZS RKS2-3000 (2V 3000AH) OPZS RKS2-3300 (2V 3300AH) OPZS RKS6-260 (6V 260AH) OPZS RKS12-50 (12V 50AH) OPZS RKS12-100 (12V 100AH) OPZS RKS12-150 (12V 150AH) OPZS RKS12-220 (12V 220AH) OPzV RKV2-150 (2V 150AH) OPzV RKV2-200 (2V 200AH) OPzV RKV2-250 (2V 250AH) OPzV RKV2-300 (2V 300AH) OPzV RKV2-420 (2V 420AH) OPzV RKV2-500 (2V 500AH) OPzV RKV2-600 (2V 600AH) OPzV RKV2-800 (2V 800AH) OPzV RKV2-1000 (2V 1000AH) OPzV RKV2-1200 (2V 1200AH) OPzV RKV2-1250 (2V 1250AH) OPzV RKV2-1500 (2V 1500AH) OPzV RKV2-2000 (2V 2000AH) OPzV RKV2-2500 (2V 2500AH) OPzV RKV2-3000 (2V 3000AH) OPzV RKV12-150 (12V 150AH) RPS1215DRL RPS2430DRL RSI-1KVA-2425 RSI-1KVA-4818 RSI-2KW-HY RSI-2KVA-2425 RSI-2KVA-2460 RSI-2KVA-4860 RSI-3KW-HY RSI-3KVA-2425 RSI-3KVA-2460 RSI-3KVA-4818 RSI-3KVA-4860 RSI-4KVA-4860 RSI-5KVA-4860 RSI-10KW-HY-3PH RSL30A | Park RSL60 | Street RSL80A | Street RSL120B | Avenue RSL160B | Highway RSL200B | Highway RSP200M RSP250P RSP300P


Whitewall Energy offers technological solutions for the Industrial Internet, Smart Energy, Smart City, Precision Agriculture, etc.

We help manufacturers to create smart and connected products, enabling an entirely new set of product functions and capabilities, which can be grouped into four areas: monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy.

We market our Rekoser brand for components ranging from Solar Panels, Inverters, Solar controllers, Batteries and much more.

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Avda. Jacobo Camarero s/n, Nave 4
18220, Albolote, Granada

Tel: (+34) 958042973

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