Solar Controllers MPPT RSC1224-25


MPPT Rekoser Solar Controller RSC1224-25 is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT controller for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. The controller provides higher efficiency up to 98% with lower power loss.


  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking technology
  • Automatic battery voltage detection 12v/24v auto work
  • High Tracking efficiency of 98%
  • DSP processors architecture ensures high speed and performance
  • Multifunction LCD displays system data and status
  • IP 43 protection for outdoor and harsh environment
  • Overcharge and overload protection
  • Suitable for battery types of sealed lead acid, vented Gel, and NiCd
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    Model RSC1224-25
    MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 15 VDC ~ 33 VDC 30 VDC ~ 66 VDC
    Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 50 VDC 75 VDC
    Maximum PV Array Power 300 W 600 W
    Maximum Current 18 A
    Nominal Battery Voltage 12 VDC 24 VDC
    Connected Battery Type Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd battery
    Maximum Charging Current 25 A
    Maximum Efficiency 98%
    Charging Method Three stages: bulk, absorption, and floating
    Overload Protection > 110% : audible alarm
    Overcharge Protection Yes
    Polarity Reversal Protection @ Solar Cell & Battery Yes
    LCD Display LCD panel indicating solar power, load level, battery voltage/capacity, charging current, and fault conditions
    LED Display Three indicators for solar, charging, and load status
    Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 220 x 170 x 57.5
    Net Weight (kgs) 1.85
    Type of Mechanical Protection IP 43
    Humidity 0 ~ 100% RH (No condensing)
    Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C to 75°C
    Altitude 0 ~ 3000 m


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