Whitewall Energy presents Ivy Iot Gateway

Whitewall Energy presents Ivy Iot Gateway

Sep 19, 2017. | By: José González

Whitewall Energy presented this week Ivy IoT Gateway, its new product for the development of solutions based on the Internet of Things.

Ivy is a low power consumption IoT Gateway that allows the integration of Modbus RTU networks and WiFi nodes in industrial environments.

Among the available features highlights:

  • Low power consumption
  • Modbus/RS485
  • Built-in Modbus library with examples
  • Open source Linux (OpenWRT) inside
  • AP or Client mode
  • Buil-in web server
  • Managed by Web GUI, SSH or Serial
  • Compact device, robust against insterference and ESD discharges

IoT Gateway use cases:

WiFi nodes to Modbus network

It can act as a hub (bridge/gateway/concentrator) of WiFi nodes for integrating in an existing Modbus RTU network. It is optime for existing Scada systems.

Modbus network to IoT infraestructure

It can act as a hub (bridge/gateway/concentrator) of an existing Modbus RTU network to integrate it to an IoT infrastructre (Cloud platforms, Big data, Business Inteligence).

Datalogger and Gateway

It can act as a datalogger and gateway for a specific application with a public or private cloud.

If you wish to request a quote or more information about some products or services that Whitewall Energy offers email to info@whitewallenergy.com


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