[Post] The Internet of the Things

[Post] The Internet of the Things

Jan 22, 2016. | By: José González

In this post we explain the keys and the opportunities of the Internet of things for the industry (you can get a quick picture in this infographic).

The Internet of Things (IoT ) focuses on real-time data collected through various sensors to turn them into relevant information for decision -making, process automation, etc.

Advantages of IoT

  • It accelerates innovation in the organization.

  • Increase customer satisfaction through new forms of interaction.

  • It allows automation process.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency ( asset utilization , supply chain , employee productivity ).

  • Improved customer service ( through a better customer experience ).

  • It allows better collaboration in the company (innovation).

  • It opens new opportunities and business models.

Benefits for each type of business

* Manufacturers:

Analysis and multidimensional data in real time ; comprehensive cooperation ; remote tracking of physical assets ; intelligent robots.

* Energy companies:

Integration of sensors , data management expert , predictive analysis.

* Retail:

Predictive analysis and data visualization, interaction with customers, payments through mobile and remote monitoring of the client.

Whitewall Energy helps you discover the competitive advantages that the IoT technology can bring to your organization and our engineers work with you to understand your unique needs by designing appropriate processes to minimize costs, increasing productivity , creating new business models and income.


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