[Comic strip] Is it a sunny day on the oil rig?

[Comic strip] Is it a sunny day on the oil rig?

Nov 30, 2015. | By: Adriana Sánchez and Ana Morales

What non governmental industry was the first to use commercially produced photovoltaic solar cells? The answer may shock you but it is oil companies.

Some oil rigs use solar power to help keep costs down. … It seems weird, because why would oil companies need to use solar energy? Instead of large batteries, some oil companies fit their offshore platforms with smaller, rechargeable batteries powered by solar panels. It actually works so well that most oil rigs go solar.

Solar energy makes a lot of sense any place that’s remote and doesn’t have a ready source of electricity but maybe they don’t understand solar energy as a clean renewable energy source and applying it to oil rigs doesn’t make so much sense after all.

Comic strip - Is it a sunny day on the oil rig?


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